Happy Monday everyone!


Even though trumpcare has been punted to the Senate, we MUST continue our daily onslaught of Brian Mast via phone, fax, Facebook and Twitter. He must clearly understand that he has disgraced his constituents. He must clearly understand that we KNOW he put party before country.


While you’re making those calls to Brian’s office, make your demand for a Town Hall in CENTRAL Martin County. We are told that his office is “working on it” but we need it to be done. We need it to be scheduled. There is absolutely no excuse for not holding a Townhall in Martin County, preferably in Stuart, Jensen Beach or Palm City.


Switching to Florida issues, I am linking below a YouTube video from the superintendent of schools for Palm Beach County talking about the budget being proposed by the legislature. It is one of the saddest things that I have seen of late. If we cannot get proper budgeting for the Florida school system, the ramifications are immeasurable. Please call Joe Negron’s office at (772) 219-1665 and let him know that the schools must be properly funded.

Be informed! Stay informed! We are INDIVISIBLE! We are INDIVISIBLEMARTIN!!

Written by Paula Albright

Weekly Actions for May 8, 2017

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