Robin Cartwright, one of IM’s leaders, worked hard to produce a Resources for the Resistance pdf for you to download. It’s chockfull of amazing resources that will make your life easier!

I want to highlight some of the tools that we have found most useful:

Resistbot. This is such an amazing tool. No downloads, no apps. Simply send a text with the word “resist” in it (no quotation marks) to 50409 (that’s the “cell phone number” you’re sending the message to). Within seconds you’ll get a response from the bot, asking you for some information about you so they can locate your representatives. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to type out, or voice text, a message to your rep about any topic you want. Resistbot will format it automatically into a fax and send it to your reps! You’ll get a text when the fax has been successfully delivered. This website (also an app for android and iphone) highlights topics on which to call your reps. The great thing about this site, and the app, is that it provides sample dialogue for you to use when calling, so you can avoid the “ums and errrs” and “I AM SO MAD!!!” generalities 🙂

Stance. App for android and iphone.  This is a new one that we LOVE. Record a voice message using your cell phone and Stance will automatically deliver the message to your rep’s voicemail box–no effort required. Stance will keep trying until it reaches your rep, allowing you to spend your time in other resistance pursuits 🙂

Here’s the Resources for Resistance document.

Resources for the Resistance
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