Welcome to Weekly Actions for the week of April 24th for Florida’s District 18, home to Congressman Brian Mast and Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio. We’ve got three BIG issues on the docket this week, and all of them need your earnest and concerted attention.


The issue of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act could once again be on deck as early as tomorrow or Wednesday. Details of the “new” trumpcare plan were released last week and it is no better than the first iteration–in fact, it is worse. We were successful in shutting down the attempt last month, and we will be successful again! So please: get on the phone, go to Congressman Mast’s offices, and send those faxes! Do not let up. Do not let up. Do not let up.

Russia and Tax Returns

Rachel Maddow’s show on Friday, April 21st talked about a NYTimes investigative report that reveals all the real estate properties across the United States owned by trump as well as all the debt owed on them. What has yet to be revealed, but is just as if not more important, is the extent of trump’s real estate holdings abroad.  Where does he own property? Who is he financially indebted to? What conflicts of interest might present themselves as he conducts his business and Commander-in-Chief? Might there be some quid pro quo to promote his financial interests abroad?In sum: We need to see his tax returns and we need a special commission to investigate interference by Russia in our elections. Where do trump’s loyalties lie? Who is he beholden to?

Some good news:

Elizabeth Warren said it last week, these calls freak our representatives out….in a good way!! They’re scared and concerned. So what do we do? Make more phone calls, of course! Send more faxes! Write more emails and plan more meetings in their offices.

We do not let up. We do not sit back. We keep the pressure on!

Be informed! Stay informed! We are INDIVISIBLE!!

Weekly Action April 24, 2017
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