Daily Actions for this week! Do these every day this week, please!

1. No Gorsuch! No Nuclear Option! (updated, ongoing)

The GOP does not have the votes to confirm Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The Democrats are very likely to filibuster. To filibuster means that one or more Senators can talk..and talk…and talk.. and thereby prevent a vote on a given issue from occurring. To stop a filibuster, 60 senators can vote to do so; this is called “cloture”.

But they don’t have the 60 votes necessary for cloture. So what do the Republicans want to do? The Republicans have threatened to implement the so-called “nuclear option”. The nuclear option prevents the minority party (in this case, the Democrats) from continuing to filibuster by requiring only 51 votes to confirm Gorsuch. They have 51 votes, so this would be successful and would install Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Ironically, it was the Democratic party that first introduced the ‘nuclear option’ back in 2013, when the Republicans continually blocked Obama’s judicial nominees. The Republicans, of course, were furious at the time. HOWEVER (and this is a pretty big “however”), the nuclear option as introduced by the Democrats did NOT allow for it to be used on SCOTUS nominees. Even in the highly partisan environment of 2013, the Democrats recognized that would be going too far. Nonetheless, the Republican party now wants to apply this rule to the life-long appointment of a Supreme Court Justice, namely, Gorsuch. (And lest we forget–Gorsuch himself is considered by many to be an invalid nominee: the Senate refused to even meet with Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland.)

Gorsuch will bring with him a deplorable record of doing everything EXCEPT fighting for you and me. He stands firmly on the side of corporations, and despite (or perhaps because of) his genteel, educated, aw-shucks persona, is HIGHLY dangerous. If confirmed he will have the ability to roll back women’s rights, civil rights and labor rights. Ask your Senator (regardless of party) to vote “NO on cloture” and NO on the nuclear option and NO on Gorsuch. (Nelson has already stated he will vote against the Gorsuch nomination. Please take  moment to thank him.)

2. RUSSIA RUSSIA and MORE Russia!! (ongoing)

We must continue to contact our Members of Congress (MOCs)  and demand the appointment of a special committee to conduct an impartial, nonpartisan investigation. Here’s an excellent editorial from the Sacramento Bee which discusses, simply and clearly, why an independent investigation is so very necessary.

Learn more: Use these handy charts from Politico to see all the links between the Trump administration and Russia.

Make your calls: The website fivecalls has a superb script for this!

3. Trump’s Tax Returns–Tax Day is coming up! (ongoing)

Tax Day is coming up soon, and IndivisibleMartin will be hosting a Release Your Taxes Protest in Jensen Beach on Saturday April 15th at 11 am. We will be meeting outside Treasure Coast Mall near Jensen Beach Blvd. The info will be on the Action Calendar If you’re on FB, please RSVP to the event; otherwise, you can just show up!

The American public MUST demand to see trump’s tax returns. Without their release, there is no way to determine what his conflicts of interest are and how far they go. We must continue to demand that our MOCs support the call for trump to release his tax returns.  Visit IndivisibleGuide for more background and scripts.

4. Hey Mast!! We Demand REAL Dialogue! (new)

Brian Mast’s office has stated to one of our own members that the meetings with Mast or his staff will be limited to ten minutes WITH NO DIALOGUE. Brian has been in office only a few months and he has already demonstrated that he will tow the party line, and despite saying again and again that he is “listening”, he clearly is NOT. He has already forgotten that he works for us! He needs to be reminded. Every single day. We need him to schedule a town hall meeting during the upcoming recess – this is one of our most important actions! Please call Brian Mast’s offices today, and ask WHEN the town hall meeting will be while he is in town next week. Demand (politely, but of course) that he hold a Town Hall during the evening or weekend so as many people as possible can attend. Afternoons are NOT a good time for most people!

The numbers for our reps are in the image at the top of the post. Please share this post on your Facebook page by clicking the share link. And if you’re in Twitter, even better!!


Actions for Week of April 3, 2017
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  • Is there an upcoming poster making event. If so date and time?
    Also, I have decided to put my spending power to work locally.
    I need a new contact for facials and cosmetic skin care…like microdermabrasion, dermaplaning etc. yes, I am looking for someone who shares my views. My goal is by next year to not have to hire any vendors who show up with a right-wing agenda. Will be a tough task, only wish I had started
    A dozen years ago.

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