What an amazing meeting we had last night!! Thank you for all who came, and for those who were unable to make it but were there in spirit. We had 75 resistors in attendance, and Ground Floor Farm proved to be the perfect locale.

Here’s a little recap of what we discussed:

Sub-committees. The Leadership Team previously decided on 6 sub-committees, although these are FLEXIBLE depending on interest and which direction the Trump administration decides to go. The subcommittees are as follows:

White House (whitehouse@indivisiblemartin.com)

Environment (environment@indivisiblemartin.com)

Immigration (immigration@indivisiblemartin.com)

Health Care (healthcare@indivisiblemartin.com)

Veterans (veterans@indivisiblemartin.com)

Communications/Media (communications@indivisiblemartin.com)

We’d like every member of IndivisibleMartin to choose one or more groups to join, so we ask everyone to email the group or groups they’d like to be a part of, and email the address noted giving your name, the best way to contact you and any other relevant information. The respective coordinator will then help you all get together, either physically or via computer link, for your first meeting so YOU can set the agenda for your sub-committee. The sub-committee will report back to the Leadership Team on a weekly(ish) basis. The more people who get involved, the less of a burden this enormous task will be for any one person.

We fully understand that these teams will be fluid, and other teams may be added as required. And if you don’t see a sub-committee addressing a particular issue that concerns you, keep in mind we will STILL be paying attention to ALL the issues. But with a finite number of people and an infinite number of issues, these are the ones we decided to focus on for the time being. If you have any questions or concerns about this, you can contact our main email at resist@indivisiblemartin.com.

The meeting included some wonderful dialogue with informed members of the community, many of whom have years of experience in the movement. We had a spokesperson from Equality Florida, a wonderful organization that raises awareness and fights for the rights of the LGBTQ community in Florida. Notwithstanding the non-partisan nature of Indivisible itself, we did have a couple of speakers from the Martin County Democrats who brought us up to date on the latest issues in the immigrant community in Martin County, as well as an important issue concerning all Floridians: the expansion of the Stand Your Ground Law:

Florida House Bill 245 would expand Stand Your Ground rights for defendants claiming they used a gun for self-defense. The bill is summarized as “Self-Defense Immunity; Provides that when a prima facie claim of self-defense is raised in a criminal pretrial immunity hearing, burden of proof shifts to the party seeking to overcome immunity claim.” The Florida Senate companion bill is SB 128.

Does this sound confusing to you? It does to me! This article clarifies it a bithere.

We will be posting a Call To Action post separately today to address this and other critical issues for the week and will also be sending out an email to all our newsletter subscribers. Not an IndivisibleMartin newsletter subscriber? Get on the bus! 😀 Click here to join.


Monthly Meeting Recap 3/27/17

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