Daily Actions for this Week! Do These Every Day!

1. Demand Nunes’ Resignation (new)

Learn more: Read this brief article from CNN, published on March 28th, for the latest.

Make your calls: Call your reps and state simply “My name is XXX and I live in zip code XXXX. I am calling to demand the resignation of Devin Nunes from the House Intelligence Committee. His loyalty to Trump prevents him from acting independently as head of the Intelligence Committee. May I ask where Sen/Congressman XXX stands on this issue?”

2. Vote NO on the so-called “Honest and Open EPA Science Treatment Act” (new)

Learn more: Read the Countable explanation of the bill, and the pros and cons. If you have a chance, also read The New Republic’s article entitled: “Republican’s War on Science Just Got Frighteningly Real“. It’s short and helps explain what the bill would do to stymie scientific research in easy-to-understand language. Don’t be fooled by the nice positive title of the bill–it’s a ruse! 

Make your calls: Call your reps and state “Hi, my name is XXX and I am calling from zip code XXX. I am calling to demand that Senator/Congressman XXXX vote NO on HR1430, the so called “Honest Act”.  This bill would prove to be very costly and would limit the EPA’s ability to use science that isn’t reproducible or transparent.” From the New Republic article:

Thomas Burke, who served as the EPA’s chief science advisor under President Obama and others said the HONEST Act would delay or stymie the approval of scientific data at EPA because it requires that the disclosure of private data and that study results be “reproducible,” meaning an outside source must be able to replicate the entire study on their own and get the same results. Scientists say that’s just not possible for many public health studies. Consider a 10-year study of lead exposure in pregnant women and children: How would scientists swiftly replicate the results? Or a study on the BP oil spill’s impact on public health in coastal Gulf communities: How can one reproduce that event?

3. Demand an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION into Trump’s ties to Russia (ongoing)

Learn more: Use these handy charts from Politico to see all the links between the Trump administration and Russia.

Make your calls: The website fivecalls has a superb script for this!

4. Oppose the appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

Learn more: This article discusses why Senator Nelson of Florida has decided to oppose the nomination of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. You can use it to get some background on him. Basically, he tends to support corporate interest over those of the worker, and his position on women, abortion rights and Right-to-die legislation is hazy at best.

Make your calls: Keep it simple for this one. “Hi, my name is XXX from XXX and I would like the Senator/Congressman to know that I want him to OPPOSE the nomination of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.” Or add in some extras, such as “Gorsuch consistently supports corporate interests over those of the worker” or “Gorsuch’s position on women’s rights is unclear and, at any rate, should we really be having a vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee who was nominated by a President under federal investigation? That just doesn’t seem right, does it?”

I hope this action list makes life a little easier for you resistors this week! Keep up the AMAZING work, all of you, and remember that Every. Single. Call. Matters. We are like drops of water against stone: one drop may not do much, but many drops will wear the stone away.

Actions for Week of 3/27/2017
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