This is a huge week for resistors, and we need YOU and your phone calls, faxes and emails. EVERY SINGLE ONE counts! Please don’t think that “it’s not worth my time” or “they won’t listen anyways”. We need to make our voices heard by our Congressmen and our Representative, and if there’s any week to be dialing, this is the week.


On Thursday, March 23, Gorsuch will be up for confirmation to the Supreme Court. He is NOT the right pick for the Supreme Court (notwithstanding the fact that Republicans nominated him after refusing to even MEET with the Democratic pick, Merrick Garland, for a year leading up to the Presidential Elections). Read more about Gorsuch here and why he is the wrong choice for America.

How can you resist his confirmation? First off, you must demand that your representative require 60 votes in the Senate, and that your Senator will not “change the rules” to push his confirmation through. If your Senator is undecided, you MUST state unequivocally why Gorsuch is the wrong choice. Here’s a sample dialogue from Indivisible:

“That is disappointing to hear. Judge Gorsuch has a long track record of decisions that put corporations above regular Americans like me. He also has extreme views on campaign finance reform and women’s and worker’s rights, and he wants judges to be able to scrap environmental and labor regulations made by scientists experts to protect our health, safety, and financial well-being. I expect the Senator to take a firm stance on nominees, like Judge Gorsuch, who sit far outside the judicial mainstream.”

You can read how to best approach your Rep by going through this Indivisible guide–it really helps when you’re not sure what to say.

TrumpCare Coming Up For Vote

Also on Thursday, your reps will be voting on TrumpCare, the GOP replacement “health”care bill. What’s wrong with TrumpCare? According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office:

  • 24 million Americans would lose coverage over the next 10 years—14 million in the first year alone
  • 2 million Americans with employer-sponsored coverage would lose it by 2020; 7 million would lose it over 10 years
  • Higher premiums, higher deductibles, and more out-of-pocket costs
  • Insurance premiums would skyrocket by 20% by 2019
  • $880 billion in cuts to Medicaid funding while giving rich Americans and corporations a $592 billion tax cut

Nervous about making phone calls? Don’t be–the staffers whom man the phone are usually quite nice, and Indivisible has provided a sample dialogue to have in front of you just in case you get flustered.

In addition to calling, please use Fax Zero (link and info below). If you like, we have prepared a sample Word Doc for you to use; just amend it


We need calls and faxes to our Senators and to our Congressman, Brian Mast. The phone numbers are listed in the image above. You can also use, which allows you to send a fax directly from your computer — no fax machine neccesary– and even automatically puts in your Congressperson’s number. You do need to click on a confirmation link in an email they send you–don’t forget this step, please. Use this link to send a free fax to Senator Marco Rubio.

You can also use your phone to send a fax via text. There’s a new way to do this–simply test the word “resist” to 50409. Within second, the Resistbot will respond. You follow the prompts, and enter a brief fax, sentence by sentence. It will then confirm the text that you want it to fax, and voila, youre done. Takes about 3 minutes.

Laurie Prim, one of IndivisibleMartins leaders, created a brief 8 minute video to help see how easy it is to call your rep.

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