IndivisibleMartin is asking you, our local community members, to demand that our Representative support an INDEPENDENT investigation into the connection of the Trump administration with Russia. This can NOT be done behind closed doors, but must be transparent and fair. Indivisible Guide has produced ‘talking points’ that can help you if you are nervous about what to say. You can access the document right here. We’ve also produced a video (below) that we hope helps get the point across to Rep. Mast. Our own Melissa is SO talented!

Rep Mast can be reached at the following phone numbers (remember phone numbers are better than email, and faster than letters):

Washington DC office: 202-225-3026

Port St Lucie Office: 772-336-2877

Fax: 202-225-8398 Free faxes can be sent to Brian Mast DIRECTLY from your computer – no fax machine neccesary. This is a great option if the lines are busy or if nobody is picking up. Or send a fax IN ADDITION to a phone call, and get bonus points!

Demand Rep. Brian Mast Support an Independent Investigation
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One thought on “Demand Rep. Brian Mast Support an Independent Investigation

  • It is imperative that my Congressional Representative, Brian Mast, support the appointment of an Independent Prosecutor investigate the Trump campaign’s association with Russia. Furthermore, I expect that Brian, like so many other citizens across party lines, has concluded that this President is not of right mind to uphold his office. There is no way Trump is equipped to be Commander in Chief of the brave men and women that serve this nation every day.

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